About us

Yoga is a complex mixture of physical exercise, methodology, anatomy, asana, pranayama, kriyas, meditation, and mantra enchantment. Notably, our teacher training course is designed to teach or practise yoga in a simple manner under the supervision of certified Yoga masters. Yoga teacher training will enhance your yoga skills and deepen your knowledge. During the course, you will learn about online and offline yoga classes.

What is Yoga?

Derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yoga' is one of the oldest forms of physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to upsurge our inner peace of mind. It is a health healing exercise that has been listed as UNESCO's Intangible cultural heritage.

What is Yoga?

There are several reasons to practice yoga. Some of them include

  1. It increases concentration.
  2. It improves posture.
  3. It tackles diseases
  4. It sprinkles a sense of happiness and inner peace
  5. It improves immunity.

Health development

  • Basic yoga classes

  • Yoga theraphy

  • Physiological

  • Spiritual

Academic development

  • Diploma in yoga

  • Pg courses

  • Certificate yoga

  • Yoga therophy

  • Prenatal

  • Yoga certification board

  • level 1: yoga protocol instructor

  • level 2; yoga wellness instructor

  • level 3; yoga teacher& evaluator

  • teacher training course

  • UGC net qwalifying exams

Economic development

  • Home classes

  • Schools

  • Colleges

  • Organizations

  • Institutions

Blissful activities

  • Yukta vihara

  • Yukta ahara

  • Yukta vichara

  • Yukta achara

  • Fun clubs

  • Trekking

  • Agnihotram

  • Food donation

  • Satsangams